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With a simple act of giving, you have the ability to make the lives of our military families, who sacrifice so much, a little better.

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    * Your Donation will be designated for the current need you selected. If the need(s) has already been met, your donation will be used to support other Operation Homefront programs serving America‚Äôs military families.
    Current Needs
    Help 15 Military Families to Pay Their Utility Bills
    $2,891 Still Needed
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    When managing a home and a monthly budget during the summer, it is critical to keep utilities working. Some military families forgo utility payments when the bills are overwhelming. In honor of Military Appreciation Month, ensure military families have the comforts of home inside, no matter what the weather is outside. The average amount we provide to families for assistance with a utility bill is $205.87. Please help us assist 15 families with their bills.
    Career of Service Ends With Injuries and Stress
    $2,826 Still Needed
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    This career sailor was devastated to learn that his career would end due to the severity of the injuries he sustained over multiple combat deployments. He and his spouse were already facing a challenge with the health of one of their children and expecting another. Your help can make their transition from service a success by assisting with rent and deposit after relocation after service.
    Soldier Mom, Dad and Baby Need Help
    $1,400 Still Needed
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    Delivery of their new son was rough on this National Guard soldier and her son, and Dad has had to take time off from work to care for their needs as they recover. The loss of income has made it tough to make ends meet, and your help with rent and groceries can bring them some comfort and peace of mind as they start the next chapter of their life as a family of three.
    Health Crisis Creates Tailspin for Veteran Family
    $1,530 Still Needed
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    This dual veteran family has been struggling since a health crisis forced the one veteran able to work to have to take an extended unpaid leave of absence. Now working through the disability system, they have done what they can to make ends meet but are running out of funds and options. Please help them through this difficult time by assisting with one month's rent.
    Army Family Needs A Little Help This Month
    $150 Still Needed
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    This soldier was in hospital having knee surgery when his pay was suddenly reduced due to recoupment of an overpayment all at once. This has left the family of six without funds to make ends meet this month, and could use some assistance with groceries.
    Help For Combat Veteran In Need of Housing
    $900 Still Needed
    My gift...
    While in hospital for extended treatment of injuries sustained during combat deployments, this veteran soldier lost her home and had fraudulent financial activity occur, causing her extreme stress both emotionally and financially. We are attempting to assist her with housing near where she can receive family and community support at this critical time. Please help us by donating for rent and deposit to move in to a secure home.
    Food Assistance Needed for Army Family
    $200 Still Needed
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    An expensive car repair has strained the finances of this Army family, and they could use help from you with groceries for the month for themselves and their children.
    Recently Medically Retired and Severely Ill
    $1,522 Still Needed
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    This soldier was just medically retired from the Army in the last month after being diagnosed with a severe and terminal illness. He has had no income while awaiting a VA determination. His wife cannot work as she is his caregiver, and she cannot apply for VA Caregiver program support until a decision is rendered regarding VA compensation for the soldier. Please help them through this incredibly difficult time by assisting with rent, utilities, and groceries
    Army Family Needs Help Recovering From Power Loss
    $330 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This Army family of 8 lost all of their perishable food after a power loss extending several days, and the loss plus costs of eating in restaurants and take out during the outage was considerable with 6 children. The financial impact was also considerable on their limited budget, and they had to use utility finds to pay for immediate needs. Please help them past this emergency by assisting with utility bills.
    Medically Retired Soldier Needs Your Help
    $597 Still Needed
    My gift...
    After a lifetime of service, this soldier was medically retired at the beginning of 2019, and her transition from service has been extremely difficult. Her husband passed away, and she moved to be closer to family for support while she waits for her VA compensation to begin. Trying to make ends meet on limited income is only making it tougher, and she needs our help. Please consider a gift to help with utilities, groceries and some needed auto repairs to help her begin to move forward.
    Wife's Illness is Strain on Finances
    $324 Still Needed
    My gift...
    The spouse of this recently separated disabled veteran has suffered a serious health crisis for which she was hospitalized for some time, and is still unable to work. The veteran has his own health issues that make it difficult for him to work as well, so they family is undergoing a financial strain that you can help alleviate by assisting with utilities, partial rent and groceries.
    Recently Medically Retired Bronze Star Recipient Needs Help
    $1,488 Still Needed
    My gift...
    After 16 years of service which saw him awarded a Bronze Star, this Army medic was medically retired at the end of the year, and has been waiting for his compensation to be received. His spouse is also applying to the VA Caregiver program. They were without income for two months until the VA compensation was 1st received, and they are still waiting on the other compensation. This has caused them to fall behind on housing and utility payments as well as struggling to make ends meet with basics, like groceries. Please join us in helping this family though transition from service as a thanks for all they have done for our country.
    Fresh Start Needed for Combat Veteran
    $2,644 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This combat wounded Army veteran who is 100% disabled had managed to find work until he was injured a few months ago on the job. Without work, it has been tough to make ends meet, but he has recently been offered a job that will help his family move towards a strong, stable, and secure future. While he waits for clearances and background, we would like to help make sure they don't fall further behind on rent or struggle to buy groceries or diapers. Please help us with this need.
    Miscommunication About Medical Appt Results in Benefit Loss
    $1,472 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This Marine veteran was recently notified that his VA benefits were being reduced because he missed a VA appointment that he did not realize that he had been scheduled for. While he works out the issue with the VA to get his benefit reinstated, he needs assistance with rent and a car payment.
    Purple Heart Recipient Has Had Some Challenges
    $1,233 Still Needed
    My gift...
    A combat veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart has reached out to us for help after his only vehicle had a blown engine, which came right after his wife lost her job due to illness in December. He has been working with a Vocational Rehabilitation specialist and hopes to start school in the fall to work towards a strong, stable, and secure future, but he needs help now with housing, utilities, and groceries.
    Help With Ongoing Needs
    My gift... $150
    Keep A Roof Over Their Heads
    Please Give!
    Many military families have faced eviction or foreclosure due to unexpected changes that affect their finances. Transitioning wounded service members may see a pay decrease once their military pay stops and their disability benefits begin. Help families keep a roof over their heads.
    My gift... $200
    Pay The Electric Bill of a Military Family
    Please Give!
    Your donation of just $200 could provide power for a month to a military family in need or ensure that power is kept on for wounded warriors who need medical equipment for survival.
    My gift... $20
    Help Feed A Military Family
    Please Give!
    We assist struggling military families by providing food boxes, grocery gift certificates, or vouchers to the commissary. Each family is provided enough food for a week while case workers help them find long-term solutions. Your $20 gift can give a hot meal to a military family.
    My gift... $50
    Help A Warrior Transition To Civilian Life
    Please Give!
    Our young returning veterans are at risk of becoming homeless if they don't get help transitioning to civilian life. We offer free housing for wounded service members and their families to live during the transition process. These families get extra help to prepare and move to a place of their own.
    My gift... $75
    Help Keep Essential Vehicle Rolling
    Please Give!
    Getting around is hard when your car is being repaired, but imagine trying to get around with a significant injury and add 2-3 medical appointments a day. Some wounded service members do not have enough money to fix their vehicles. Your donations can help heroes with much-needed repairs.
    My gift... $125
    Provide Comfort For Military Family
    Please Give!
    What happens when a military spouse turns on the water to bathe a child and finds no hot water? The repair might have been feasible when their service member was home but due to deployment or injury recovery that is no longer possible. You can help make a difference.
    My gift... $100
    Send a Caregiver To A Retreat
    Please Give!
    Caregivers are essential to the successful recovery of our heroes wounded in combat. But they need to get away, connect with others in their unique situation and rejuvenate.