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With a simple act of giving, you have the ability to make the lives of our military families, who sacrifice so much, a little better.

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    * Your Donation will be designated for the current need you selected. If the need(s) has already been met, your donation will be used to support other Operation Homefront programs serving America‚Äôs military families.
    Current Needs
    Help Provide Backpacks To Military Kids
    $635 Still Needed
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    Military families often move or are deployed every two to three years, and settling into their new community or new school system can be very challenging. From paying for school supplies and meeting new friends, for many military families, the social and financial adjustments from these moves are daunting! Show your support for our Back-to-School Brigade and help welcome these families in their new community. One $50 donation provides up to 4 filled backpacks, but any amount can help us making going back to school easier for military families.
    Mishap Results in Loss for Bronze Star Recipient
    $1,420 Still Needed
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    This Bronze Star recipient and now medically retired solider made a simple clerical error on his benefits filing that resulted in him receiving the wrong amount of monthly compensation. He is working with the VA to correct the error but it is taking a long time, and now he is concerned about how he will pay rent and buy groceries. Please join us in supporting him through this temporary crisis as a small way of thanking him for his brave and dedicated service for which he has paid a high price.
    Help Sailor and Family Go Home
    $1,932 Still Needed
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    This medically retired sailor is about to leave the service to return to where he has family that can help him, his wife, and young children as they begin the transition to their new life while also coping with the sailors service connected disabilities. The family will be moved by the military but they do not have the means to move in to a place they can call home. Please help us get this family started on the right path.
    Laid Off Due to Injuries And In Crisis
    $2,999 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This medically retired combat engineer suffered a serious setback with his service related injuries that resulted in him being laid off from his job. His spouse took unpaid leave to assist with getting him to and from doctor's appointments and caring for him at home, resulting in months of lost income. Now, just as he is on the mend and able to return to work, they fear that their progress will be lost if they lose their vehicles and have their utilities shut off. Your support will move them past this crisis and on the way to becoming strong, stable, and secure.
    Airman and Family Victims of Identity Fraud
    $1,044 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This active duty Air Force member and his family have been victims of identity theft, resulting in thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges being made on their accounts. As they work through the arduous process of filing claims and being reimbursed, including opening new accounts, they are in need of assistance with groceries, utilities and a car payment to keep from falling further into a financial disaster.
    Lost Job and Struggling to Make Ends Meet
    $362 Still Needed
    My gift...
    Medically retired from the Army with combat injuries, this veteran had to take a leave of absence from work due to service connected injuries. He used his available paid time off and vacation time during this time but when he needed more time approved, a delay in paperwork to his employer from his doctor resulted in him being let go. His wife has struggled to find work but has been unsuccessful, so it has been tough to make ends meet. Please help them with lapsed auto insurance payments, food assistance, and some overdue utilities so they can focus on their next steps.
    Help Us Give Back to Wounded Soldier
    $1,753 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This medically retired soldier moved from Colorado to South Carolina to start a new life and a new job. The temporary lodging they have been living in is not longer habitable and they need to move to more stable housing so they can continue on the path to sustainability. Please join us in giving back to this soldier who deployed to Iraq three times and who will deal with the challenges of his injuries for the rest of his life. We are asking for help with rent, deposit, and some groceries.
    Marine Corps Family Needs A Little Help
    $776 Still Needed
    My gift...
    Please help this Marine and his wife through a tough time. They were already facing the long recovery of the spouse from major knee surgery when their only vehicle required expensive repairs that their limited budget could not absorb. As a result, they need assistance with groceries and utilities they have not been able to pay due to the money being used to repair their car.
    Damaged Pipe Leads to Large Water Bill
    $1,425 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This recently medically retired soldier is still working through the transition period, awaiting to receive his special combat compensation in addition to his VA disability and other benefits as a result of the severity of his injuries. Just after his wife delivered their new son, they received a shocking water bill of near $1000. It was discovered that there was a water pipe severely leaking in their rental home, but while the repair was made by the landlord, the water bill remains their responsibility. As his spouse is on maternity leave, they cannot absorb this high expense. Please help us get them through this temporary financial crisis.
    Wounded Warrior, Daughter Need Fresh Start
    $746 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This twice combat deployed soldier and wounded warrior has been struggling with post-traumatic stress and the challenges of being a single father. Lack of local support along with his numerous medical appointments have started to seriously affect his daughter, and so he wishes to move to be near family so that they can help him with childcare and other support. He has found work that will help him and his daughter be sustainable but he is community a significant distance each day as he does not have any savings to put rent and deposit down on a new apartment closer to his family. Please help us giving this deserving veteran and his daughter a fresh start.
    Navy Sailor in Financial Crisis
    $1,337 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This injured Navy sailor was medically separated and had to obtain a financial conservator to tend to his personal finances while he recovered. Unfortunately, the person he trusted with these matters did not look after his interests as they should have, and he is now facing homelessness and needs help with deposit, first month's rent and moving expenses. Please help us assure this young man that there are still good people who will have his back when he needs it the most.
    Care For Sick Service Animal Strains Budget
    $1,307 Still Needed
    My gift...
    The service dog of this medically retired severely injured veteran required emergency veterinary care. Needing his companion to be okay, the veteran paid for the surgery and care right away, but that left him in a serious financial bind. He has turned to us and our incredibly compassionate community for help, and we are asking for assistance to help him pay rent.
    Expensive Car Repair on Limited Income
    $450 Still Needed
    My gift...
    Being on a limited income means many of our OEF/OIF veterans cannot absorb even one critical or unexpected bill, such as a car repair. This medically separated soldier lives on her VA and social security disability as she cannot work, so when her only vehicle broke down, she had no way to pay for repairs, and so she has come to us. We are working with a mechanic to help reduce costs but could use your support to cover repairs.
    Medical Retirement Puts Soldier in Limbo
    $1,415 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This Army National Guard member learned at the end of last month that she will be medically retired and must leave housing by the end of this month. She has secured housing in her new state, but does not have sufficient funds to complete the move on such short notice. Help with first month's rent and deposits will help her and her spouse get started on a successful transition and allow them to focus on her health.
    Due to be Medically Retired, Car Repairs Loom
    $3,080 Still Needed
    My gift...
    This young soldier and single mother of two is due to be medically retired at the end of the year due to being found 100% disabled from her service-connected injuries. We are assisting with transitional housing, but her only vehicle is in critical need of repairs that she cannot afford. Please help us ensure her transition begins as stable as possible while she looks to a more secure future for her and her children.
    Nine Months of Transition A Rough Road
    $685 Still Needed
    My gift...
    After 17 years of service, this twice combat deployed soldier was medically separated from the service in early 2017. It has taken since then to receive his VA rating and to find employment, and the family has survived on severance pay until now. Though things are looking up for the future, the savings are gone, and they are in need of help through this last leg of transition. Please join us in helping them keep their home and cover some outstanding utilities.
    Training Injury Means Loss of Income
    $436 Still Needed
    My gift...
    Due to an injury he received during training with his Guard unit, this Army National Guard soldier has been unable to work due to ongoing treatment and recovery. As he undergoes medical care and assessment by the VA, he and his wife struggle to make ends meet due to the lack of income and playing catch up with bills their savings could not cover. With your help for utility and car payments, we can give this young family the boost they need to stay on the right track financially.
    Help With Ongoing Needs
    My gift... $150
    Keep A Roof Over Their Heads
    Please Give!
    Many military families have faced eviction or foreclosure due to unexpected changes that affect their finances. Transitioning wounded service members may see a pay decrease once their military pay stops and their disability benefits begin. Help families keep a roof over their heads.
    My gift... $200
    Pay The Electric Bill of a Military Family
    Please Give!
    Your donation of just $200 could provide power for a month to a military family in need or ensure that power is kept on for wounded warriors who need medical equipment for survival.
    My gift... $20
    Help Feed A Military Family
    Please Give!
    We assist struggling military families by providing food boxes, grocery gift certificates, or vouchers to the commissary. Each family is provided enough food for a week while case workers help them find long-term solutions. Your $20 gift can give a hot meal to a military family.
    My gift... $50
    Help A Warrior Transition To Civilian Life
    Please Give!
    Our young returning veterans are at risk of becoming homeless if they don't get help transitioning to civilian life. We offer free housing for wounded service members and their families to live during the transition process. These families get extra help to prepare and move to a place of their own.
    My gift... $75
    Help Keep Essential Vehicle Rolling
    Please Give!
    Getting around is hard when your car is being repaired, but imagine trying to get around with a significant injury and add 2-3 medical appointments a day. Some wounded service members do not have enough money to fix their vehicles. Your donations can help heroes with much-needed repairs.
    My gift... $125
    Provide Comfort For Military Family
    Please Give!
    What happens when a military spouse turns on the water to bathe a child and finds no hot water? The repair might have been feasible when their service member was home but due to deployment or injury recovery that is no longer possible. You can help make a difference.
    My gift... $100
    Send a Caregiver To A Retreat
    Please Give!
    Caregivers are essential to the successful recovery of our heroes wounded in combat. But they need to get away, connect with others in their unique situation and rejuvenate.