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Chase and Operation Homefront Award Florida Home To Veteran Family

Army Staff Sergeant Kevin Pitts and his family, which includes a young Olympic hopeful, received a mortgage-free home in Tallahassee, FL from Chase and Operation Homefront. The home was awarded as part of our Homes on the Homefront program. “Without having a mortgage, it will help us to pay for tournaments and travel for Emma,” said Kevin. “It has been difficult to pay for all of that while also paying for rent and other expenses. This is going to allow us to really focus on helping her train, and it puts us much closer to her coach. She is shooting for an appearance at Rio in 2016.”

Learn more about the Pitts family:
Kevin Pitts enlisted in the Army in 1984 as a way to not only serve his country, but better himself. He served for four years before departing the military to pursue a different career. Kevin worked as a chemical plant supervisor for a few years before receiving stunning news.

“The place had been around for about 15 years, so when it was bought out and shut down it was a big shock to everyone,” said Kevin. “I was looking everywhere trying to find a job, but in every place that I had looked I was either overqualified, or undereducated.”

A year before the plant was shut down the tragic day of 9/11 rocked the nation. Kevin had tried to rejoin the Army, only to find that there were not enough open positions for the prior soldier to join due to a major influx of new recruits. The plant closure gave him one more shot at rejoining the service. With openings at the time, and a need to support his family, Kevin reenlisted in the Army in 2003.

He served in military corrections for another six years, where he deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and did a tour of duty at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He left the military in 2009, wanting to spend more time with his family. He and his wife Michelle have four children, three have gone off to college over the last few years, and their youngest is currently training as an Olympic hopeful in archery.

The family had been considering moving to Florida to be closer to their daughter’s coach. They heard about the Homes on the Homefront program, and Kevin immediately applied. In 2013, the family received word that they would be awarded a mortgage-free home in Tallahassee, Fla. The new home provides the family financial stability, while also allowing Kevin and Michelle to support their daughter’s passion.