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Inspiration Found At Fifth Annual Run For The Homefront

A total of 264 runners/walkers participated in the 5th Annual 5K Run for the Homefront, including Darrin Snyder, a USMC disabled veteran who participated with his recumbent bike. All of our runners and walkers lined up for an early start and the weather was beautiful. Area residents, military members and runners/walkers from as far away as New Hampshire participated.

Everyone finished the course, including Gillian Henderson who did the 5K almost completely on her crutches. Darrin Snyder also cycled back to follow Gillian as she made her way to the finish line. Many of our runners/walkers remained behind at the end of the race, and even after the awards, to welcome Gillian across the finish line. Many felt this opportunity to cheer on someone with Gillian’s strength and perseverance was the best part of the day’s event.

Here’s what Gillian shared on our Facebook page about her participation:

"Thank you for the kind words, I am the crazy lady who walked the 5k on crutches. Yes I was injured almost 10 years ago during training in the Army. I have been working for almost 9 years to get to the point I am at today. I was told by the military doctors that I would be wheelchair bound by age 25. I was diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Fibromyalgia that had spread to every muscle group and joint in my body about 6 years ago and had ultimately turned me into an invalid. Since finding a doctor that understood I was not going to accept the traditional path and I wanted my life and was willing to fight for it ( he also understood the disorders and how they would behave), I have been waging my own war to be the best mom I can and the best wife I can. My children make it worth everything I have gone through and my husband makes it all bearable. He has been beside me every step of the way and will be running the MCM for me in October since I won’t be able to (a dream I had of doing when I joined the army that will sadly never be possible regardless of how much I want too). Some days are good and some are not, and when I do things like this I feel human again for the moment but then the "monsters" remind me that I am not nor will I ever be the person I thought I was and try to exact their revenge for not giving in. But my children and husband remind me that it is worth every second and I will never be able to give up fighting to give them the best I can. :-) Thank you all for everything and all the support!

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