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Live, Laugh, Love: Meet The Crumps

Army Sgt. Reggie Crump and his wife Tanya have been living at our Village in San Antonio for the past 8 months. In that time frame, they have been able to pay off $15,000 in debt. This includes two cars and back taxes in excess of $4500. "We have more money in our checking and savings account now than ever and we have been together for four years," Reggie said.  

Reggie was born and raised in Houston, TX and decided to join the military later on in life as a means of giving back to his country. He was on his way to Iraq, loading trucks when disaster struck. Reggie was standing on top of a military truck when he slipped and fell more than 10 feet. He tore his Achilles tendon, damaged the ligaments in his leg, injured the discs in his back and pulverized his knee. Reggie was sent to Fort Knox for one year of surgery and rehabilitation. While apart, his family amassed more than $12,000 in debt traveling back and forth to Reggie's bedside.  

The financial strain compounded the severity of his injury. Soon Reggie and Tanya's relationship began to crumble under the stress. Moving into Operation Homefront Villages gave the family a place to take a break, regain control of their lives and rebuild their bonds. "I feel like I am able to breathe. Operation Homefront Villages and their staff have been a big blessing for us," Tanya said. She was a former Captain in the Air Force for eight years and now works as a nurse. "I really enjoy the women's and bible study group. The neighbors are great and it just feels like we are part of a real community. We are surrounded by families just like us and know our struggles," Tanya said. The couple met four years ago when Reggie was one of Tanya's patients. This month, they are celebrating their three-year anniversary or as Reggie likes to call it "The day I got papers on you!" 

The couple is planning to buy a home and start their own business opening a free healthcare clinic for low-income families. "Some people go their whole life without ever paying anything off so we are grateful to have this opportunity and be a part of the Operation Homefront community," Reggie said.